Feel Good “Mt. Zereal Kush” Indica Hybrid


A cross between CBX’s beloved Kush Mountains and their flavorful Zereal Milk.

(Pheno #40), this creation really exudes some of the best characteristics from both parents. Creamy, gassy, and sweet with a beautiful dense structure, these purple and light green buds are frosted with crystals and adorned with small tangerine hairs. A complex and flavorful blend of tart and old school fuel, this smooth sailing high will have you chilling in the clouds feeling all relaxed and cozy.

THC: 26%

Flavor & Aroma: Tart and Old School Fuel

Top Effect: Soothing, Joyful and Tranquil


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3.5g (Eighth), 7g (Quarter), 14g (Half Ounce), 28g (Full Ounce)


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