Feel Good “Cherry Slushie” Indica Hybrid


If you’re looking for a strain that is both calming and energizing, then Cherry Slushie could be it. This hybrid contains a range of pungent terpenes to make every session a unique experience. Genetically, Cherry Slushie is a mixture of Cherry Pie, Purple Punch, and AK-47. Like Cherry Pie, it has a strong sweet cherry-like aroma but it also offers grape and berry notes, like Purple Punch. Tobacco and spicy elements come from AK-47, giving the herb more “edge.” Cherry Slushie makes you feel uplifted, giving it a reputation as a mood-improver. Before you even start smoking it, you know it’s going to reward you. All you need to do is kick back, relax and let the herb do everything for you. You’ll be in fairyland before you know it. It’s also one of the more exotic varieties out there, making it ideal for anyone looking to experiment with new flavors. The potency is high, so you’ll notice the effects straight away.

THC: 29%

Flavor & Aroma: Lime and cherry with notes of tobacco

Overall Effect: Uplifted and energetic


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3.5g (Eighth), 7g (Quarter), 14g (Half Ounce), 28g (Full Ounce)


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